Study for Finals like a Rebel

We have finally reached Dead Week. Where did the semester go? Between beer showers and field parties, Spring at Ole Miss is really just a blur. Double Decker was our last hoorah, and now it’s officially time to buckle down and pull a passing grade out of nowhere. Unless you have a demon teacher that gives assignments during dead […]

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The 6 People You Meet In Class…

The 6 People You Meet In Class… The Know It All (Who Actually Knows Nothing)  These are the people who don’t realize they are not the professor’s equal.   They usually tend to think that they know more about the subject at hand than the instructor and want to make sure the rest of the class […]

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Thinking Outside the Box (of Wine)

Like the contents in the box, I believe that the idea of boxed wine gets better with age.  I like to imagine a day when the box is thought to be the equal to the bottle and not the redheaded stepchild in the wine family.  Before I get ahead of myself, let me start by […]

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With the realization that the freshman 15 is not a joke, most college students turn to working out to shed the Whiskey weight. This means cardio cardio cardio. Cardio usually involves a semi-awesome playlist in order to make the whole working out thing bearable. It can be hard to decide what songs will keep you […]

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Ready for Take-Off

Mid-August. The countdown ’til the return of textbooks and class schedules is upon us. Mixed feelings about this one? Summer is great, definitely in the top four best seasons- oh wait… But seriously. No homework, no exams, no 8 am ridiculously boring lectures, no all-nighters, no 5 cups-of-coffee-days (I’ve gotten it down to two). If […]

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Blast from the Past – Music Edition

Some artists and bands you think we’d never hear from again have returned to center stage.  Their new songs or albums are creating overly exuberant reactions on the internet.  It’s about time we listen to the music and join in on the buzz. ‘NSYNC “This might sound crazy, but it ain’t no lie,” that ‘NSYNC […]

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